C  H  A  S.     C  A  M  P  B  E  L  L 
    Photography and Technology for Real Estate   

Quality on-line listing photography
is the new "curb appeal."

Have a professional photographer
join your real estate team!

Professional photography helps you attract more potential buyers and acheive the highest possible price for your listings. You will also impress potential sellers by hiring a professional photographer to showcase their property. Chas Campbell has 30+ years of photographic experience and over 20 years experience in Real Estate sales and marketing. He is an affiliate member of the St. Paul Association of Realtors and has a Supra Lockbox Key. Chas will shoot high quality wide-angle photos of your listings with the goal to maximize your listing's visual appeal and attract more "eyeballs." The photos you see here are random recent shots from everyday assignments. By working with Chas, you add a valuable resource to your marketing team.

  • Real Estate Ready. Chas previously sold real estate as an executive sales associate with Burnet and held a MN Broker's license. You benefit from Chas' experience when shooting in "real world" situations with sellers and listings in ALL price ranges.
  • Custom Image Processing. All photos are cropped, color-corrected, and tweaked for maximum image quality.
  • On-Time. On-Budget. Get real value when you work with Chas. Get personal and local service.
  • Flexible Billing.

  • The fastest way to schedule a shoot with Chas is to use the online form - Click here.

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